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Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook


Chapter 1. The Role of the Prosecutor
Chapter 2. Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies
Chapter 3. Relations with the Defense Bar
Chapter 4. The Charging Decision
Chapter 5. Plea Bargaining
Chapter 6. Case Management from In Basket to Archive
Chapter 7. Establishing Case Theory
Chapter 8. Marshaling the Evidence
Chapter 9. Discovery
Chapter 10. Interviews, Interrogations, and Examinations
Chapter 11. Direct Examination
Chapter 12. Constructive Cross Examination
Chapter 13. Destructive Cross Examination
Chapter 14. Voir Dire
Chapter 15. Opening Statement
Chapter 16. Final Argument
Chapter 17. Handling Motions and Objections

"More than a book for wannabe prosecutors! It captures the philosophy and practicality of the practice of law from all viewpoints." -- Wm. J.Sheppard, Board Certified Trial Lawyer

““I have never seen a book like this one. It fills a void that has existed since the profession of prosecution was born. Had this book been available when I was the Third Circuit State Attorney, it would have been required reading for every one of my assistant state attorneys.” -- L. Arthur Lawrence, Jr., Judge, First District Court of Appeals, Florida (retired.)