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Cross Examination Handbook: Persuasion, Strategies, and Techniques, Second Edition


“This Book Delivers” -- D. Shane Read, Author of Winning at Trial, Texas

“Move over Francis Wellman! Cross-Examination Handbook, by Clark, Dekle and Bailey, is the best book on cross-examination I have ever read. Every lawyer should refer to it before commencing a deposition or going to trial.” -- Michael Marcus, Judge, Los Angeles

“Having tried dozens of cases and having conducted hundreds of cross-examinations, I can say that this book will not only be something I review as part of trial preparation but is also a book to be given to new lawyers in our office.” -- Randy J. Cox, Boone Karlberg P.C., Montana

“The only cross-examination guide you need.” -- Michael Flaherty, New York

“The Cross-Examination Handbook is an excellent resource both for the law student and for the practicing litigator.” -- Karin Mitchell, Seattle, Washington

“This is a terrific book. . . Clark, Dekle, and Bailey have made an extremely valuable contribution in this field, which I heartily recommend.” -- Timothy Baughman, Chief, Research, Training, and Appeals, Wayne Country Prosecutor's Office, Michigan

“As a former federal prosecutor and now law professor, I highly recommend it.” -- John McKay, Washington

“Essential Tool for the Trial Lawyer's Toolbox. I wholeheartedly endorse this book for law students and young trial lawyers hoping to develop their cross-examination skills, as well as for experienced lawyers seeking to improve theirs.” -- John Day, Day on Torts, Tennessee

“This book is the real deal! Whether you are a rank rookie or salty old veteran Cross-Examination Handbook is going to improve your game.” -- Kevin Brackett, South Carolina


1. Concrete instructions for planning the winning cross-examination
2. Practical techniques and strategies for performing cross
3. Illustrative cross-examinations from notable trials show how to apply cross strategies and techniques
4. Skills training for law school or in-house professional development workshops
5. Case files and role-play assignments
6. Ethical and legal boundaries of cross-examination
7. Teacher’s Manual (100 pages) for the instructor