George R (Bob) Dekle, Sr.

Cross Examination Handbook: Persuasion, Strategies, and Techniques, Second Edition


“This Book Delivers” -- D. Shane Read, Author of Winning at Trial, Texas

“Move over Francis Wellman! Cross-Examination Handbook, by Clark, Dekle and Bailey, is the best book on cross-examination I have ever read. Every lawyer should refer to it before commencing a deposition or going to trial.” -- Michael Marcus, Judge, Los Angeles

“Having tried dozens of cases and having conducted hundreds of cross-examinations, I can say that this book will not only be something I review as part of trial preparation but is also a book to be given to new lawyers in our office.” -- Randy J. Cox, Boone Karlberg P.C., Montana

“The only cross-examination guide you need.” -- Michael Flaherty, New York

“The Cross-Examination Handbook is an excellent resource both for the law student and for the practicing litigator.” -- Karin Mitchell, Seattle, Washington

“This is a terrific book. . . Clark, Dekle, and Bailey have made an extremely valuable contribution in this field, which I heartily recommend.” -- Timothy Baughman, Chief, Research, Training, and Appeals, Wayne Country Prosecutor's Office, Michigan

“As a former federal prosecutor and now law professor, I highly recommend it.” -- John McKay, Washington

“Essential Tool for the Trial Lawyer's Toolbox. I wholeheartedly endorse this book for law students and young trial lawyers hoping to develop their cross-examination skills, as well as for experienced lawyers seeking to improve theirs.” -- John Day, Day on Torts, Tennessee

“This book is the real deal! Whether you are a rank rookie or salty old veteran Cross-Examination Handbook is going to improve your game.” -- Kevin Brackett, South Carolina


1. Concrete instructions for planning the winning cross-examination
2. Practical techniques and strategies for performing cross
3. Illustrative cross-examinations from notable trials show how to apply cross strategies and techniques
4. Skills training for law school or in-house professional development workshops
5. Case files and role-play assignments
6. Ethical and legal boundaries of cross-examination
7. Teacher’s Manual (100 pages) for the instructor

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Selected Works

Legal History
Surveys all of the homicide cases defended by Lincoln for which we have surviving evidence. Looks at a number of other criminal cases, including some of his prosecutions.
Analyzes the evidence presented at trial and critiques the performance of both the prosecutors and defense attorneys.
Examines Lincoln's performance in People v. Armstrong.
Looking through the eyes of a prosecutor, the book reconstructs the course of the trial of Jesus and critiques the actions of the prosecutors and judge.
True Crime
A compelling first-hand account of the prosecution of one of America’s most notorious serial killers.
Practice Manual
Sound, practical instruction on how to plan and execute a winning cross examination.
Real-world advice for newly-hired prosecutors or law students serving clinical internships in a prosecutor's office.
An experimental volume I self-published which tells the stories of some of the cases I handled during my 32 year career as a trial lawyer.