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Miscellaneous works of uneven quality published in ebook format.


When I sold "The Last Murder" to the publisher, I had written over 100,000 words with three chapters left to write. The publisher told me they wanted the word count to be under 90,000. I took the knife to what I had written and cut it unmercifully, and then I collapsed the last three chapters into one. I got the word count under the limit, but discerning readers have commented that the last chapter of the book seems somewhat truncated. Yes it does. This is an abbreviated meditation that I probably would have made part of "The Last Murder" if there had been room.


Years ago I was a member of a postal chess club and wrote a column for their magazine on chess history. This is one of the columns. It is a speculation on how the "game of kings" and the "king of games" evolved from a hypothetical ancestor much like tic-tac-toe to its present format.


When I was a freshman in law school I read a short story called, if I remember correctly, "The Case of the Speluncean Explorers," a sort of a meditation on the collision of the crime of cannibalism with the defense of necessity. It was written in the form of an appellate opinion on the conviction of some "speluncean explorers" for cannibalism. The story inspired me to try my hand at a speculation on the criminal responsibility of someone who killed something that walked, talked, and squawked like a human being, and was to all intents and purposes indistinguishable from a human being, but upon autopsy was determined to be something other than a human being.